Schaffe's Wooden Treasures is a small family owned business based in Champaign, Illinois; home of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Introduced to woodworking while attending the University of Illinois as an Industrial Design major, much of my work involved making models and improving existing designs. While in college, I joined several organizations including a fraternity as well as Masonic organizations. While affiliated with these groups, I sought decorative paraphernalia for my home and office to show pride in them, but was unable to find items to compliment my personality and style. Because of this, I decided to sketch my own designs on paper at my kitchen table and use tools in my garage to bring those sketches to three dimensional form. Thus giving birth to Schaffe's Wooden Treasures (SWT). SWT offers traditional and unique wooden paraphernalia for your home and office. SWT provides items such as wall crests, coat-of-arms, and fraternal/sorority designs. Here, at SWT, our main focus is helping people to realize the design of their own personalized treasures. Feel free to contact us in regards to any questions you might have.